Childrens’ hospital responds

The patient relations person listened and we have an official response to our son’s case when of a bleeding disorder misdiagnosed as child abuse! Here is the response from the children’s’ hospital to the letter I sent last month:

Thank you for submitting your letter on 6/25/14 regarding concerns about the care your son received at <children’s’ hospital>. I appreciate having the opportunity to evaluate your concerns.

Steps taken to investigate your grievance: 
1. Clinical chart review by a Quality Specialist
2. Follow up with hospital administration

Results of the grievance investigation process: A thorough review of you son’s medical record was completed and then discussed with the chair of the Department of Pediatrics/Physician-in-Chief. He would like to offer you an opportunity to meet with him to further discuss your concerns. In addition, we plan to use your son’s case as an educational tool for the purpose of teaching medical students, residents, or fellows.

My husband and I can’t wait for our meeting. We are so hopeful that the information we provide and the training from our son’s case can help prevent other families from going through a similar ordeal. Please wish us luck!